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How to Promote Your Music Video

How to Promote Your Music Video

A visual is essential to your brand. This could be a 30-second Instagram video, or a full-out feature music video. Just because music TV may not play videos just doesn’t mean you should! Social media and fans have pretty much conclusively said that a video, in some form, is a standard for artists so it’s important you know how to promote your music video.

This doesn’t have to be a feature-film level video, even a simple lyric video, or a promo video for your album, are also great tools to find new fans, and content for social media.

No matter the reason you decide to make a video, it’s essential you have the perfect checklist after you drop it. So, here are a few tips on how to promote your music video when it’s made.

Don’t Release Right Away.

You’re likely going to want to go ahead and unleash your video ASAP to the world. However, you’re going to want to slow down and write out a plan of action. Jot down a release day, you might want to be 2-3 weeks in advance. This gives you enough time to build some buzz. This might be a countdown video, a graphic campaign, or even a series of promoted tweets building buzz.

The point is not to throw it all out right away. Allow your fans to wait just a little bit. Sure you might not be releasing a film-worthy video, but your fans will still enjoy things like backstage videos, content from the video shoot and even quick and easy teasers. Make your content and build up last as long as it can.

Review your ad options.
You likely just dropped a pretty good budget on a video, however, don’t overlook your advertising options.

You can post the first thirty seconds on YouTube as an ad, or even promote the video directly on social media. While these seem expensive, you can get a surprising amount of traction through these ads with a very minimal budget. Even $10o YouTube can get you in front of around 1,000 people.

Ensure longevity

The key to social media is longevity — artists need fresh content on social media to keep their fans engaged. So, there are only so many ways to share your video, right? That’s why you want to make it last for a few weeks.

Make sure you’re finding new ways to promote your music video: screen-grabs, RTing other comments, posting snippets on social media. Make it last, and keep people engaged.

We hope you like our tips on how to promote your video. This is just a drop in the ocean compared to what is covered on our Electronic Music Academy and Songwriting & Production Academy, so do check them out!