Sampling, Sound Design & Synthesis in Ableton Live

Sampling, Sound Design & Synthesis in Ableton Live

Sound Design & Synthesis in Ableton Live

If you want to take a huge step to producing the top quality electronic music you love, our Sound Design & Synthesis in Ableton Live course taken from our Ableton Producer Program is for you. Still tending to flick through presets until you get something that’s vaguely useable? Have half-finished loops on your hard drive and you’re not sure where to go next? Even if you are a more experienced producer of music in any genre who would like to develop your electronic sound design skills, our lessons will do that, and a lot more. Total class time is 36 hours where you can ask a question and bounce off of your instructor and fellow learners exactly when you’re feeling inspired, or…confused! This is why some say that there is no substitute for music production courses in person!

No matter what your style, you will be shown how to craft your tunes, and build your sounds from the ground up. Our instructors are all electronic sound design specialists, with Ableton being their first DAW of choice, and they will help you get the sounds you want out of your head and into Ableton, sharing the techniques and tricks they’ve built up from years of experience. The course is structured so you can start a new track at the beginning and build it up as your understanding develops. By the end, if you have put work in between sessions, your track should be finished, and ready to mix! Crammed with production tips and industry insight from our instructors, we’ll inspire you to get your electronic music moving!

We understand what it’s like for many DJs who want to start making music – after years of DJing you know you can get the crowd going, and feel it’s time to be able to bring your own music into play, and move up the DJ pecking order for the bigger gigs. The thought of producing top quality music can be daunting – especially if you don’t know how to play an instrument. This course is constructed to give you all the knowledge you’ll need to start making quality productions – in just thirty six hours.


• This is an intermediate course so all learners must have a good understanding of the latest version of Ableton Live. Taking our Ableton Live Production Course first is more than sufficient.

Overview and Goals

• Live’s Instruments and effects allow for any synthesis method or effect to be integrated in an easy workflow, along with automation. When doing sound design we learn not only how we can create sounds from scratch, but also how to control them in an evolving way with automation as part of our composition. This knowledge also enables us to tweak any library preset to our own specific needs when writing music and it will help us get a more exciting and personalized sound. The techniques learned here can also be applied to plug-in and hardware synths. A track with the right sound design is a track halfway mixed.

Analog Heaven

• Learn the ins and outs of Subtractive Synthesis using all the basic building blocks needed to make those warm, fuzzy or resonant sounds we know from many classic recordings. From crispy, funky baselines over acidy dance grooves, shiny leads, dreamy pads to talking synths. Everything can be created using Live’s Analog.

Smooth Operator

• FM Synthesis has been part of the bedrock of electronic music since the days of early Synthwave. While originally often used to mimic the sounds of conventional acoustic or electric instruments, i.e an electric bass, a sparkling e-piano, bells, harps or marimbas, It was later embraced for woofer shaking deep house basses until it was discovered by Dubstep and Grime producers for those grinding gritty and aggressive timbres. FM techniques are also an essential building block in modern Subtractive or Wavetable Synths.


• This latest edition to the Ableton palette is a true gem and combines many different synthesis methods and tools in one place. Unlike the previous two synths, it provides an extensive collection of different oscillator wavetables that are made up of sonically related timbres. This makes them ideal for complex, gradually evolving sounds to cover just about any musical genre. From grimey, synth wavy to more organic sounds. This synth uses subtractive and FM, but also wave folding and warping techniques to modify the wavetable source sound. The modulation possibilities with LFOs and Envelopes are deep, and Wavetable is a breeze to program, thanks to its great graphic interface.

Physical Modeling

• One of the later additions to the synthesis stable, due to its reliance on more advanced digital technology. It’s, ironically also the one that comes closest to exploring natural sound and real world acoustics. We can use this to recreate resonant behavior of conventional instruments and physical objects to create quasi acoustic timbres or even new sound of non-existing instruments. This is a totally different approach to create sound from scratch and is immensely rich and riveting in its possibilities. During this segment we will dive into Corpus, Tension, and Electric.

Simpler and Simpler

• While Synthesizers allow us to create sounds from ground up and therefore offer more flexibility, every type of instrumentation can be done with sample based sound design. Samples of conventional instruments or of any other acoustic event can be played from a keyboard or pad controller. However these instruments give us also far reaching synth-like possibilities to modify and process the sampled sources into something totally unrecognizable… or otherworldly with the help of granular synthesis.

Creative Effects

• We focus on the more transformative effects that help enhance the sound design, or even take it to another level. The standard mixing effects will be covered in the mixing classes. Spacial Echo, Spectral Time, Grain Delay, Drive and Color Redux, Saturator, (Pedal), Corpus, Reverb and Resonance Hybrid Reverb, Resonator, Spectral Resonator, Modulation Frequency Shifter, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger M4L. Some of the Max for Live devices help us expand Ableton’s functionality in essential ways, by creating movement and evolving sound changes that were otherwise not possible.

36 Hours | In-Person: $1199 + $100 Registration Fee | Live Online

Or get in touch and one of our placement experts will follow up with information and find a time for an assessment call to get you in to the most suitable program we have for you.

Our Testimonials

Both instructors were extremely knowledgeable, and quickly adapted to the areas which I needed the most work. There's also no substitute for being face to face with an instructor, to immediately address any logjams in the workflow.

CJ DeLeo

The course throughly covers the fundamentals of synthesis and has helped me understand concepts that go beyond the everyday Youtube tutorial. The course has made Youtube tutorials and other concepts of sound design easily understood.

Daniel Tran

The EMP course is a good time and super informative. I've been writing and producing music for the past year in Logic. There was so much I wanted to transcribe from my mind to my DAW, I just didn't fully know how. Fortunately, the EMP course changed that in just a few short weeks. Very exciting. Not to mention the Garnish LA folks are super cool.

Patricia Seely

If you're looking for in-depth knowledge about electronic music and how to create sounds using 3rd party software through Ableton or Logic then this course will definitely help you! Beginners can follow along but if you're a more advanced producer, then this will definitely show you more advanced techniques to apply to your productions! Extremely happy I found and attended this course!


If you are trying to establish connections with local artists that have made a name for themselves in LA (the instructors) than this is a great program to join. You get to talk with them about their personal experiences and get a lot of really good inside tips about production from a professional point of view. Highly recommended not just to learn but to make industry connections.

Zach Klein

Garnish instructors do a great job at being in depth and detailed with everything so that no question or misunderstanding is left unsolved.

Austen Greene
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