Hit Songwriting Course

Hit Songwriting Course

Hit Songwriting Classes | New York or Live Online (33% off)

It takes more than just polished melodies and dope beats to make it as a successful songwriter, especially in today’s extremely competitive music business. It takes courage, faith, dedication, and most importantly, love for music. In our small-class setting, you will learn from a pro in the industry, who has remained on the front lines of songwriting and collaboration. Arm yourself with tips and tricks of the trade, practical advice based on real-world experience, and optimize your songwriting capabilities. We aim to not only make you a better songwriter during this course, but also to help you reach the pinnacle of your music acclaim. Students are encouraged to bring in their own projects, process critiques, be guided through improvements to their work, and join a collaborative songwriting session. Sessions available in-person in New York, or LIVE Online.

Songwriting Fundamentals

• What makes a timeless melody?
• What makes a hit a hit now?
• A look at past famed hit makers and an up close look at today’s top music makers
• How do you come up with a “killer line?”
• What is alliteration, anaphora, and other “ear worm” secrets to lyric and melody writing?
• What’s the difference between a song and a hit? A classic?
• The beauty of a crossover

The Secret to Making a Great Demo

• Don’t waste your money
• The power of the remix
• Selecting the perfect vocalist
• Simplicity is bliss

Placement and Politics

• What makes a songwriter “hot”?
• What is the present state of A&R?
• How do I get my songs cut and placed?
• It’s more than just the music, an inside perspective on how to get your songs placed and heard
• Dirty little secrets of song placement

The Forum is Yours

• Share your songs with the class
• Share your tips and tricks
• What are your favorite hit songs? And why?
• Write a song with class and instructor, maybe even a HIT!

Why You’re Important

• Don’t get caught in the loop
• Songwriting isn’t thinking
• The importance of mental and physical conditioning
• Daily regimen is everything

Our Testimonials

Both instructors were extremely knowledgeable, and quickly adapted to the areas which I needed the most work. There's also no substitute for being face to face with an instructor, to immediately address any logjams in the workflow.

CJ DeLeo

The course throughly covers the fundamentals of synthesis and has helped me understand concepts that go beyond the everyday Youtube tutorial. The course has made Youtube tutorials and other concepts of sound design easily understood.

Daniel Tran

The EMP course is a good time and super informative. I've been writing and producing music for the past year in Logic. There was so much I wanted to transcribe from my mind to my DAW, I just didn't fully know how. Fortunately, the EMP course changed that in just a few short weeks. Very exciting. Not to mention the Garnish LA folks are super cool.

Patricia Seely

If you're looking for in-depth knowledge about electronic music and how to create sounds using 3rd party software through Ableton or Logic then this course will definitely help you! Beginners can follow along but if you're a more advanced producer, then this will definitely show you more advanced techniques to apply to your productions! Extremely happy I found and attended this course!


If you are trying to establish connections with local artists that have made a name for themselves in LA (the instructors) than this is a great program to join. You get to talk with them about their personal experiences and get a lot of really good inside tips about production from a professional point of view. Highly recommended not just to learn but to make industry connections.

Zach Klein

Garnish instructors do a great job at being in depth and detailed with everything so that no question or misunderstanding is left unsolved.

Austen Greene
Our Instructors

36 Hours | $1499 + $100 Registration if booked 14 days before start or $1799 + $200 Registration

Use the ‘CONNECT’ button below to request schedule information for our classes. One of our placement experts will follow up within a business day. For one-to-one lessons, see Hit Songwriting Private Instruction, and connect with a specialist on that page.

Or get in touch and one of our placement experts will follow up with information and find a time for an assessment call to get you in to the most suitable program we have for you.

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