Music Producer Foundations

Dedicated to giving the avid students, who already know their DAW, or have taken one of our DAW classes, the capability to create and produce professional-sounding songs in their genre of music. Via a mix of hard work, timely mentoring, and hands-on learning. Participants have their own completed project by the end of the course.

Never more than 10 participants in a class. Like-minded students, along with our superior roster of instructors, will share, challenge and inspire you to bigger and better results. This all happens in a relaxed and fun setting of highly-focussed learning, writing and producing – and, who knows, maybe even leading to successful collaborations in the future!

Environment, Acoustics, EQ & Separation

• Speaker design for studio monitors
• How to handle your home studio acoustics
• Stereo, mono, stereo & 5.1 surround sound software
• The delicate art of panning and balance
• Specialist EQ tutoring to help your production


• Why is compression so important and how does it work
• Getting to grips with parameters
• Circuitry within compression & other digital emulations
• Parallel processing dos and don’ts
• De-essing and gating techniques
• Achieve amazing clarity in your mix with dynamic controllers

Delay, Reverb and other Awesome FX

• Learn about different types of delay and reverb
• An in-depth look at all parameters
• Spatialization with convolution delays and reverbs
• Harmonizers, pitch shifters, flangers, phasers and creative FX
• How FX can transform your tracks and really bring them to life

Automation, Vocals, & Creative Mix Ideas

• The perfect use of samples and filtering
• Envelopers, vocoder, autopanning, ring modulators, bit crushing and distortion
• Everything about vocals including comping, tuning and preparing
• Learn how to separate BVs and lead vocals
• Learn professional techniques for automating levels (rides)

Mixing Electronic Music

• Great tips on filters for FX, punch, ducking and side chaining dynamic controllers
• The best ways to use delay and reverb
• How to turn subtle sounds into monsters
• Interesting electronic mixing techniques which apply to all music
• Learn to improve and analyze every element of the mix
• Electronic listening critique (bring in your music)

Mastering Intro

• A/B’ing & how to get the best from your separation and EQ
• Leveling, phasers, EQ & brick wall limiting
• The ‘dos and don’ts’ of using mastering software & plugins
• Learn about the best metering tools and their application
• Live music listening critique (bring in your music)

Subtractive Synthesis

• Oscillators, filters & LFOs
• Wave manipulation
• Envelopes and using them creatively
• How to make huge pads, basses and even drums using subtractive synthesis
• Advanced subtractive techniques

Wavetable Synthesis

• Synth side-chaining
• Wavetable synthesis – Internal routing, layering & tuning oscillators and making authentic sounds
• Envelope automation
• The wonderful world of wobbles and LFO. Worth knowing for all styles!

Granular Synthesis

• Arpeggiation, randomness and control technique
• Granular synthesis and wave shaping
• How to get messed up, but usable sounds on brilliant freeware granular synthesizers available
• Arranging tips #1

FM +

• Attaining club level sub-bass frequencies in the mix
• Advanced arpeggiating
• Getting to grips with frequency modulation synthesis
• Genre production differences
• Components of a drop – How to ‘hit people on the head’ in all styles
• Arranging tips #2

Advanced Sampling

• Advanced arpeggiating
• Resampling
• All about Kontakt and what sets it apart from other software samplers
• Remixing and vocal tips
• Business tips and Q&A

Artist Development

• Guidance on uploading, releasing your music on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple, etc.)
• Overview of music publishing and collection of royalties (performance and mechanical)
• In depth dive into the world of the Do-It-Yourself Artist (DIY)

In-person students only: Most learners these days prefer to use their own laptops on our courses, so their set-up is customized for their workflow, and they have their project exactly as they left it in class to work on at home. So we made the course more affordable, but added a $100 supplement for learners who wish to hire an iMac loaded with software. Please ensure you book an iMac when you book your course if you need one, as we have more spots than iMacs. Controller keyboards, and headphones are always provided for everyone.

84 Hours | In-Person: $3199 | Registration Fee: $200 | 33% off Live Online

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